Lost Tools

The countdown timer in the hatch seen on the television show Lost. Comes with Lost Mainframe. If you wish to use the mainframe also as a screensaver, just copy it under windows directory.

.NET 2.0 Framework
DirectX 9

What’s New in Version 2:
Better sound effects: Thanks to Simone from Lost Italia
Hieroglyphs: Thanks to Lionelskywalker
Winding effect

Download Lost Tools


Really old projects of mine

Zıppır – Kafes Futbolu

  • An arcade soccer game I wrote 5 years ago. It was published by a couple of Turkish National Computer Magazines.
  • You can download the Windows executables from tucows.


  • A real time strategy game we wrote for a software engineering course.
  • The executable is here.
  • The original webpage is here with source code, users guide and API.

DHL Race Istanbul

  • A 2-month project for DHL as a promotion for F1 2005. It is a 3D race game and you are driving a DHL Van, picking up delivery boxes against time!
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